Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Convenience food spree!

We stopped at HEB today to get Darla's meds. . .to the tune of $51 and while waiting I looked at a sales ad. I am currently on a sports drink thing since I am spending huge amounts of time outside and we go through tortilla chips like any good Texan. BTW, we spend more to keep Darla alive and well than we spend on medicine for the both of us!

2 Sobe Lifewaters: $1.19 each - $1MQ = $1.38
4 Powerade sport drinks: on sale for $0.82 at B3G1 = $2.46
1 pkg of ground sirloin (in order to use up the pinto beans I cooked we are going to make frito pie and needed some meat) = $3.73
2 HEB tortilla chips: $2 each and got the corn chips free = $4

Total before sales and Q: $15.93
Total sales: $0.54
Total Q: $3.82
Total OOP w/ tax: $11.77

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