Monday, December 8, 2008

Trail run pictures. . .as promised

This picture was taken when we were coming down the last hill of the first loop. Even though I look really funny in the picture, at that point felt really awesome!

I think this is one of the hills that I had to run down once and up once. I am directionally challenged so it is difficult for me to know where I was at what point. James was a real trooper today. He was riding his mountain bike up and down a bunch of these hills trying to guess where I was going to be in order to get pictures. He is just as sore as I am today!
This is the view from one of the ridges of the hills I ran over.

Here I am after the run. I felt really good and was very proud of myself. I was actually in the front of the pack group, when I was sure I was going to be bringing up the rear. Granted a lot of people ran further than I did, but for never having run that distance, I think I did pretty good.

And finally my post run refueling meal. We went to a place called Bobby J's in Helotes and had burgers and fries. They tasted pretty good, but I think at that point almost anything would have tasted good!

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