Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holy Cacao Cake Balls Review

I read about this little trailer and it's products in a magazine and they made it sound really awesome. James and I had never tried cake balls before so on a whim one day we went looking for this little trailer. Holy Cacao specializes in making cake balls which are essentially made by baking a cake, tearing it up into pieces, mixing it with frosting, rolling into balls, putting a stick in the balls, and then coating in chocolate.
We tried three varieties starting with (from left to right in picture) "Diablo", "Brass", and "Velvet" cake balls. The "Diablo" is a chocolate cake mixed with ancho chile cream cheese and then covered in chocolate. "Brass" is peanut butter cookies mixed with chunky peanut butter and then milk chocolate dipped. "Velvet" is your typical red velvet cake mixed with cream cheese frosting and then covered in white chocolate.

I was not a fan of this dessert. While they all had a nice flavor, especially the "Brass" cake balls, I just didn't enjoy the mushy texture in the center. Just not my thing. The "Diablo" had a nice little kick while you were chewing but again, I just wasn't a fan of the texture. James thought they were alright but nothing special.

At $5 for 3 cake balls, I would have rather spent the money on an ice cream at Amy's Ice Cream!!

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