Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guest coming trip - getting my turkey

We don't do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in our household. I could eat turkey all the time, but don't like many of the traditional side dishes. James is not a huge fan of turkey, but would eat the sides. So when we got married, we decided we would just cook whatever we wanted to eat that day. Additionally we usually run in the local 5 mile Turkey Trot which takes up the morning by the time you include driving time. This year we have company for Thanksgiving, but we are still sticking with our tradition, just modifying it a little bit.

Yes, you see a turkey there!!! We are making a huge pot of chili for Thanksgiving, but still going to have some bird as well. James is going to smoke up the turkey the night before and then we will eat on it the next couple of days, as well as chowing down on the chili! Best of both worlds.

The turkey was normally $0.89 a pound, but with a $10 purchase went down to $0.58 a pound. Since we needed to get eggs, drinks for the guests, tortillas for freezer breakfast burritos, and corn chips for frito pies, we were able to snag a 10 pound turkey for $6.30 ( a really good deal around here ).

Total OOP = $19.46
Total saved = $8.03

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