Friday, November 19, 2010

Bzz Report: Tom's of Main Wicked Fresh Toothpaste

As part of the BzzAgent program, I recently received one full size tube of Tom's of Main Wicked Fresh Cool Peppermint toothpaste and several smaller samples to test out. I gave one sample to my mom and another to my wonderful friend Stephanie.

The Bzz pamphlet about the toothpaste stated that the toothpaste:

* Provides long-lasting fresh breath, naturally
* Comes in two minty fresh flavors, Cool Peppermint and Spearmint Ice
* Contains fluoride to help fight cavities
* Does not contain alcohol or any artificial ingredients
* Suggested retail around $4.19 for a 5.2 oz tube

Tom's of Maine also stated" "Wicked Fresh! toothpaste combines a patent-pending boost of botanical extracts and great-tasting natural mint oils to fight bad breath germs for hours." Tom's also does not test it's products on animals, uses sustainable practices, uses no artificial colors, flavors, fragrance, or preservatives and use as much recycle content as possible.

After a week and half of using this toothpaste exclusively, I have mixed feelings. I do feel that it does a good job of cleaning my teeth. I also feel very good using it because of all the measures Tom's of Maine uses to help the environment. However, the toothpaste has a very bitter, chemically test that takes a little bit of getting used to. I don't know if the mint oils are just super strong, or if I am accustomed to the artificial sweeteners put in other commercial toothpastes. I am also not pleased with the price. Since I get most of my toothpaste for either free or up to $0.50, I would be hard pressed to spend $4.19.

Overall, I will probably not purchase this product, based mostly on the flavor. My friend Stephanie said that after the first use, and the bitter taste, that she would not use the toothpaste ever again. I didn't think it was that bad and will finish out the tube.

Keep in mind that I was given the samples from Bzzagent and that all opinions are mine or those of my friends. You should always try something on your own to garner your own opinions. Happy Brushing!!

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