Monday, July 12, 2010

New Shoes for James

James asked me to post the story of his new shoes. For all my frugal friends, let me explain something first. James and I have no problems purchasing clothes from consignment or thrift stores; however I draw the line at purchasing used shoes. I know other people put their feet in new shoes also, but they don't wear them for long periods of time. It is just something I can't get past. So here's how James came upon his new pair of dress shoes after the soles of his old pair literally disintegrated.

He was going to drive into the city to look around, but I asked him to stop at Beall's in town first to see if they found anything. He found a pair he liked that was on sale from $70 to $49.99. The only pair they had left was the display model. James said he stood there thinking for a couple of minutes and then decided to ask the sales lady if he could get a discount for the display shoes since there was a little scuff on the heel. She said that she could get him a 10% discount. When they got to the register she said that she could actually give him a 15% discount. So he got a $70 pair of shoes for $46.27 with tax. These shoes will hopefully last him another 20 years like the other pair! He was pretty proud of himself and so was I. Now if I could just get him to do that kind of thing with the food budget!

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Christopher said...

I don't know...asking a discount for food might be a bit risky. "Hey, this bread is molded would you take less...or this can of food has no label, and so since it is a mystery can...may I have a discount...only to get home to discover that it is cat food...or this milk is out of date...see what I mean!

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