Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Challenge

We started thinking about our 2011 Challenge a couple of months ago. We tossed around several monetary ideas, but decided to try something new. As previously discussed in the 2010 Challenge Review, we love to eat is our only vice. We wondered if we could still eat out, but challenge ourselves in some way.

For 2011, we will support the local businesses and eat at only locally owned eateries. Here are the caveats:

1.) The restaurants we eat at CANNOT be a national franchise. This means restaurants such as Carino's, Taco Bell (yes, that one is going to hurt me), Fuddrucker's, Carl's Jr., Red Robin, Fire Bowl Cafe, Culver's, Chili's, etc., are out.

2.) We can eat at local franchises. Local to either our city, the major city we are near, any city in the state, or any franchise/chain that was started in Texas, and is still only a mostly Texas-based restaurant. For example, Rosa's Cafe and Tortilla Factory started in San Angelo, Texas and has spread to several areas of the state.

3.) If we are given a gift card for a franchise we will allow ourselves to use it.

4.) While we will express our challenge to our friends and families, we will not impose our challenge on others. If our friends or families choose the restaurants, we will go wherever they choose.

5.) We are allowed to eat anywhere on vacations or trips, but will try to eat locally if we have ample time to do research.

There it is, our 2011 Challenge. We are excited about the possibilities! I will try to blog about each of the restaurants we support. We'll keep you updated on how we do!

** We do have a budget for both groceries and eating out, but the focus of the 2011 Challenge is on where we spend our money, not what we spend it on. **


Nancy Roll said...

Rosa's Cafe and Tortilla Factory is the greatest! I thought I would never see one except in Odessa and Midland, but no! There is one in Cedar Park!

Kat said...

I know! We have eaten there twice in the last week. We've also visited the one in College Station and Waco, but I am so thankful for the Cedar Park store!

2011 Challenge = Support Local Eateries

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