Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thundercloud Subs Review

We have run the Turkey Trot in Austin on Thanksgiving almost every year if James wasn't working since moving here. On the back of our race numbers there is always a coupon for a Buy One Get One (B1G1) sandwich at Thundercloud Subs, a major sponsor of the run. This year we actually kept the coupons and today used one for the first visit ever.

Thundercloud Subs is a locally owned and started company in Austin and thus is a restaurant that we are able to eat at in accordance with our 2011 Challenge. They claim to slice all their meats and cheese fresh, make their own sauces, and have bread made and delivered fresh daily.

James and I both picked hot sandwiches to try today.

James had what was listed on the menu as a Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, but was called a Philly sandwich on the receipt. There were two sizes to choose from and he picked small. He said that the sandwich tasted fine and had good flavor, but wasn't anything exceptional. He did like that everything seemed to be hot and fresh.

I ordered the small Meatball Sub. I had my choice of American or Provolone cheese - Provolone, of course! I also had the choice of white or wheat bread. I opted for the wheat bread. The sandwich was made of two huge meatballs, Provolone cheese, marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese on the wheat roll. It was an okay sandwich. I really liked the bread, it was soft and very flavorful. The marinara sauce had a nice blend of flavors and textures. I did not like the meatballs much. I would have preferred several smaller, easier to eat, meatballs. I also didn't like the texture of the meatballs. They didn't taste homemade, but instead tasted like something bought from Ben E. Keith.
We both had small drinks which were $1.59 each. James sandwich was $4.69 and mine was $3.49. Our total was $8.52 after our B1G1 coupon.

The decor of the restaurant was mostly made up of clean lines and art depicted local Austin features. It was very clean and comfortable. The music was played a little too loud for my taste but it wasn't enough to ruin my experience. It did seem fairly busy as a steady stream of customers came in while we were eating.

After talking about it James and I decided that it was an okay meal but if we didn't have another B1G1 coupon available to us, we probably would not go back. Next time we will try some of the cold cut sandwiches to see if we like the options better.

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