Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today's outing

We went into town today to look for some after Christmas sales and some other things.

4 - Holiday brownie mixes on sale for $0.79 each = $3.16

Total OOP = Zero ( saved $6.36 from sales and using a gift card)

3 bags of Pretzel M&Ms at 50% off = $3.75

We took advantage of the Meal Deal of the week. Purchase one package of pre-seasoned fajita meat (beef, chicken thigh, or pork) and get several items free.

Total OOP = zero ($7.15 on giftcard, savings of $13.64 with all the free items.)

We also ate at Olive Garden for lunch using a giftcard from my parents. That was a savings of $25. Then we had ice cream using the money my parents gave us for our wedding anniversary which was a savings of $7.56.

It was a really good day for us as far as savings goes!

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