Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I tried something new!

Anyone who has gone anywhere with me knows that I am a "bum magnet". Any person down on their luck can immediately target me and start asking me for money or assistance, etc. Because of this I rarely do anything "public" by myself, even though I enjoy going places alone. Well today I tried some new stuff!

First, I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast by myself. It was nice to just sit, read my book and eat without having to make conversation with someone.

The second/last, and even bigger thing, is that I rode the public transportation system ( a couple of city buses) in San Antonio, TX today. My mom and I were going to do some shopping after she got off work and she was going to have to drive all the way home to pick me up and then head back in the same direction, so I decided to try something new. I looked up my route online, got my exact change, called and told my mom what I was doing and took off. I got to the bus stop and sat down to wait. I only ended up waiting about 10 minutes for the bus, but during that time, on a hugely busy street, three separate trucks of rather scary looking males STOPPED in front of the bus stop to ask me if "I would like a ride?". That was the only majorly annoying part of the trip. The other slightly annoying tidbit was when I got on the bus for the first time I had read that I needed to ask the driver for a transfer slip. Apparently the bus service charges an extra $0.15 for a little piece of paper and that bit of info did not make it to the website yet. Of course I didn't have the exact change so I ended up paying $0.25 (not a big deal I know, but it was the idea of it). The rest included a transfer at a transit center to a second bus, and then a short walk to my destination. I am really proud of myself for trying and succeeding at this!!! Who knows what will be next!

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